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                   Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 4:32PM CST

Quiet start to 2013, but action is ahead

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There hasn't been much in terms of weather to talk about, hence the long delay in making my first 2013 blog post. During a lull like this, normally I'd venture outside to find something to shoot (for example, right now the eagle populations are back in Alton, Illinois). However, I've been too busy with work related to starting back with my old job, so photography has taken a back seat. Once we've got things up and running at speed, I should have more time to get back to the old patterns somewhat (hopefully in time for spring storm season).

Following my annual Pennsylvania family trip for the holidays, I had a nice visit in Charleston, West Virginia for several days after New Years. This was my first time back there since August of 2011, and it was good to have the extra time to see all of my friends without the urgency of needing to get back to a 9 to 5 job. While I was there, I even had a chance to put in some shooting time at the Fort Hill Bridge for the first time in 2 years. Some moderate snow was moving over the city, but thankfully the borderline temperatures kept the bridges from icing up. I set up both of my cameras this night, mainly to test out how my newer Canon G10 would do with this type of scene (low-light traffic). Overall I wasn't impressed with it - lots of grain and noise is present in any sufficiently bright picture. The old FX1 still is the better camera for this subject.

The weather lull appears to be ending here in St. Louis tomorrow with some winter thunderstorm chances, then possibly some icing toward the beginning of next week. Again, my new 'old' job here is taking the priority over low-probability storm days, but of course if something happens close to home, I'll go out for a few shots.

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