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                   Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 11:40PM CDT

Tornado stills from 2013 Plains season, Part 2

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Part 1: View Part 1 blog post

I've made considerable progress on this seemingly never-ending task. Properly editing each of these photos takes a good 15-20 minutes or so. Then each must be catalogged, the full-screen viewer page created, thumbnail and full-screen view JPEGs exported, the print ordering page linked up, then finally, the image added to the main gallery's thumbnail page. That adds up to about 25-35 minutes of work per photo. I have 41 images processed so far, and am now starting on the gallery web page portion. As with the rest of these, I work on these whenever I get a break from my other work tasks, which is why it's taken a month to get to even this point.

You can see all of the processed images so far over at my Zenfolio gallery site. You can order prints directly from that gallery, but I have high-res previews disabled on there in favor of my own system here on my site's gallery. You'll notice that the El Reno tornado is conspicuously absent from the Zenfolio catalog. That is because I don't feel that it is appropriate for that tornado to be printed and hanging in someone's living room or office as decoration. It will be in my final gallery catalog on here, but for "editorial" use only (that would include magazine articles/exhibits about the tornado). "Editorial only" means that the images are not going to be licensed for use in advertising something commercially, which again, would be cleary inappropriate given the circumstances.

There are still roughly 10 to 20 more quality images per tornado that I still have yet to even bring into Photoshop to look at. For the most part, they are all slight variations of what I've already processed, but I still think they'll be worth adding to the gallery in time. For now, what you see in the Zenfolio catalog is a fairly complete collection of this season's "catches".

So, here is Part 2 of the images that have had their full-screen gallery pages built:

The May 28 Bennington, Kansas tornado in a very large and intense stage, shot on the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. This may be my favorite 'career' tornado still image of all time:

The second May 18 Rozel/Sanford, Kansas tornado, occluding in a colorful sunset. Shot vertical at the 22mm end of the Canon 10-22mm lens:

The second Rozel/Sanford tornado in its earlier stages over Kansas wheat fields. Also shot at the 22mm end of the Canon 10-22mm lens:

The same tornado a few seconds later, reaching its peak width and intensity as it takes on a brief elephant-trunk shape:

The Bennington tornado at another one of its very large and intense stages, shot at the 22mm end of the Canon 10-22mm lens:

10mm full wide shot of the start of the Bennington tornado, with storm structure, on the Canon 10-22mm lens:

The second Rozel/Sanford tornado on May 18 in a sinuous, twisting rope stage. From the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens:

Lightning and a double rainbow near Larned on May 18, just after the tornadoes. 10mm on the Canon 10-22mm:

More to come!

Fantastic images Dan, many thanks for sharing !!!!
- Posted by Mick from UK

Thanks Mick!
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

Wow! These are great!
- Posted by Mat. Anna from MS

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