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                   Tuesday, April 15, 2014 2:48PM CST

Lunar eclipse (blood moon) with the Gateway Arch in St. Louis

30 Years of Storm Photography
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I went downtown to do a quick shoot of the total lunar eclipse ("blood moon") with the Arch at around 3AM this morning. Here are a few of the results! These have also been added to the main St. Louis photo gallery.

Dan, by far the most wonderful shots I've seen so far. Sure, shots of just the moon are great, but when it's put into context with where it's seen, you share the experience of seeing it, not just what it is. Great work.
- Posted by Sandra Sparks from Georgia
Thank you Sandra!
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL
I agree with Sandra, Dan. Wonderfully placed.
- Posted by Craig Merlin Broers from New Orleans

30 Years of Storm Photography
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