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                   Monday, February 3, 2014 12:06PM CST

Icy road accidents caught on camera - 2014 recap to date

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HD VIDEO 1: 2/1: SUV streetlight crash on icy Lindbergh Boulevard in St. Louis
HD VIDEO 2: 1/24: Southern Texas icy tractor-trailer and pickup truck crashes
HD VIDEO 3: 1/16: Collinsville, IL Interstate 255 spinouts

This has been one of the most active winter seasons I've experienced since I started intensely covering the icy road subject in 2007. The large number of winter storms has necessitated many, many miles and hours of shooting video in the conditions and traveling across multiple states. So far I have captured a higher-than usual amount of compelling footage of road ice-related accidents. There will be enough footage to assemble a "Part 2" of the "Extreme icy road crash footage compilation" containing video from January 2013 to the present. Most encouraging is the fact that the web site has seen its highest traffic numbers ever, surpassing this site ( in daily pageviews and visitors!

So, here is a recap of the notable winter events so far this year:

February 1: Light freezing rain glazed roads in St. Louis twice on Saturday the 1st, the first early in the morning hours and again after sunset in the evening. I was out during both periods of icing to shoot video footage. This accident occurred on Lindbergh Boulevard next to Lambert Airport. The SUV struck the light pole, which then fell into the road:

January 24: I captured several incidents on video during a freezing rain icing event in southern Texas on Friday the 24th, including a tractor-trailer crash:

January 16: A light snow event in the St. Louis metro area resulted in spinouts captured on the 16th:

It doesn't appear that the train of winter storms is finished any time soon. I will be out covering as many of them as I can.

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