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                   Friday, January 17, 2014 10:41AM CST

Icy roads, a sundog and gusty rain showers - January 16

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HD VIDEO: Icy road spinouts in Collinsville, IL

Thursday morning brought a light dusting of snow - less than an inch - to the St. Louis metro area. As I've seen many times before, these type of events have higher car accident rates than the big storms - and this one was no different. I shot video along I-255 near Collinsville and captured two spinouts on camera. There were at least 7 other cars in the ditch and median along the highway.

One the way home, a sundog appeared on the edge of the retreating cloud deck:

Later that day, rain showers with thunderstorm-like cloud features moved through the metro area. Strong gusty winds accompanied the onset of precipitation, and a gust front-like shelf cloud was present. The appearance of the precipitation shafts suggested much of it was actually snow for much of its descent, melting into rain as it passed through the warmer air close to the ground.

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