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                   Monday, June 2, 2014 1:53AM CST

June 1 close-to-home lightning and storms

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HD CHASE VDEO: Timelapse of distant lightning 70 miles away

This is part of "living the dream" as a storm chaser in the open prairies of the Midwest. The landscape here is so flat, storms can be viewed with clarity whether they are 1/2 mile away or 100 miles away. And some days, you get both of those views. Today, I didn't log more than 15 miles total. Initially, storms fired during the mid-afternoon and brushed by New Baden and Trenton, with new updrafts going up to the west of Highway 160 north of Trenton. These new storms put on a great show of vivid clear-air lightning. This image is a 3-frame composite from video:

One storm developed a dramatic dense core of heavy rain:

Later in the evening after sunset, storms moving up from Missouri put on a light show 70 miles to my south as they crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois. This is a 4-frame stack composite taken from a mile south of my apartment in New Baden:

The video linked above is a time-lapse of all of the still frames taken during this time. This storm provided a few more CGs as it moved off to the southeast near Pickneyville:

Wow on that lightning! I noticed that the distant lightning is orange and red, like a sunrise and sunset. Of course, the cause of that is the same.
- Posted by Tim

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