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                   Monday, October 10, 2014 12:39AM CDT

Fall sunsets in St. Louis; Work intervals II; December 13 WV freezing rain

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This isn't going to be much more than a filler post to keep some things going here during this very boring (albeit productive) span of web design work I'm neck-deep in. As I've mentioned before, I do mainly freelance web design work as my main 'vehicle' that enables the freedom I have to chase. Business has been very good the past couple of months, but this means I have literally been eating and breathing work from awakening to going to sleep every day. Essentially I'm putting in about 1.5 work days in on a daily basis, only resting to eat and sleep. Again, as exhausting as times like these are, they are what makes it possible for me to drop everything on a whim and cover severe weather and winter storms. In the freelance world, work has its ups and downs, so I have to take advantage of the plentiful times while they last.

It has been a rather somber past few weeks in the storm chasing world, with at least two losses happening to observer families that have put a damper on any inspiration to think up an interesting blog post. So, aside from the brief update above explaining my lack of activity lately, I'll close this post with a couple of nice sunsets that we've had here in St. Louis during October-November, plus a newly-assembled panorama of a set of Arch-rainbow images from May 2010. (Again, I'm sorry for the watermarks, but I've been getting slammed by copyright infringers lately).

December 13 freezing rain in West Virginia

I was in Charleston, West Virginia for work when a light freezing rain event occurred in the state. I spent several hours monitoring the road conditions in the area, but saw no impacts and captured no footage.

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