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                   Monday, August 10, 2015

St. Louis severe storms and lightning - August 9, 2015; August 18 New Baden, IL storm

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to re-start the old site tradition of inserting a small message at the beginning of chase reports. I like to try to make this site about more than just showing some storm images now and then. One of my favorite Bible historians is Gary Habermas - his presentation on the historicity of Jesus' resurrection is a must-watch for anyone wanting to further their knowledge on this pivotal event in human history. This information comes to you from the world of actual professional, peer-reviewed scholars and historians, not self-made experts and bloggers on the internet. That's an important thing to consider when you want to learn accurate information!

Now, on to the storms!

VIDEO: Lightning behind the Arch

Sunday's chase was a long one. I went down to Stanton, MO early to observe a bow echo line of severe thunderstorms crossing I-44, but saw nothing impressive. After that, I jumped back into downtown to shoot lightning with the numerous storms that ended up firing in and around the metro area. Thunderstorms remained over the city for over 2 hours, but I was not able to capture any shots due to heavy rain and constantly shifting high winds. It wasn't that big of a deal, as I didn't see any particularly photogenic bolts over the city during this time. Finally, as the last of the lightning moved off to the east, I was able to set up the cameras and grab one halfway-decent image. The new lights all around the Arch grounds and inside of the interstate trench are really making nighttime photography difficult here. The glare from all of the lights is almost impossible to avoid now. I may write a letter to the city about it, as it's something that will affect anyone who wants to get photographs of the Arch after dark.

Lightning over St. Louis

I only captured two usable shots of lightning behind the Arch, this one and a close "beading" cloud-to-ground strike.

Lightning over St. Louis

Lightning over St. Louis

August 18: New Baden, IL storm and shelf cloud

After initially starting downtown, I stayed ahead of this storm from Mascoutah to New Baden as it developed an impressive shelf cloud.

August 19: St. Louis storms

Multiple rounds of storms continued this day. I made yet another run into the city, but didn't capture any photos or videos. Essays and Topics on Christianity and Faith >>

Those storms were something else! I was very impressed with the lightning show. :) And yeah, the light pollution at night is ridiculous.
- Posted by Athena from Saint Louis

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