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                   Thursday, December 31, 2015

The St. Louis flood of December 2015: Videos and Pictures

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This page is a work in progress, as I'm still compiling video and images after several days of covering this event.

Animated GIF showing the progression of the Meramec River's historic flooding of the Highway 141/Interstate 44 interchange in Valley Park on Monday night (28th), Tuesday (29th) and Wednesday (30th):


Since I work in the capacity of a news cameraman, these videos have a more comprehensive selection of shots than I have in still images. These are the actual raw cuts of the videos I fed out to the networks.

Interstate 44 flooded at Valley Park, Missouri >
Interstate 44 flood: during/after comparison shots >
Mississippi River flood at Alton, Illinois >
Meramec River rapidly rising floodwater - Valley Park, MO >
Sandbagging at the River des Peres in St. Louis >
Meramec River flooding begins >

Photos/Video Frames

Ultra-high-res panoramic image of the Highway 141/Interstate 44 interchange on Wednesday night (near the Meramec River's record crest):

click to view full size:

The Mississippi River on Thursday, just a few inches from cresting in downtown St. Louis:

click to view full size:

Flooded I-44 at Valley Park:

Floodwater surging upward through manhole covers and storm drains at Highway 141 / I-44:

Temporary levee at Alton:

Sandbagging at River des Peres:

Hey, thanks Dan! Great job! Uh, be careful out there, OK? God bless you. Bob
- Posted by Bob S. from Boulevard Heights @ River Des Peres

Bob, thanks for the comment, take care! Dan
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

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