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                   Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Question Everything" - OK, America, here goes.

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"Question Everything" isn't just for skeptics anymore. Here are questions that I pose to our country:

Why appeal to and assert "rights"? Determinism* and nihilism* are inescapable facts if naturalism (the current prevailing cultural leaning in the US) is true. That means that concepts like rights and morality do not exist in the natural world, they are only a manufacture of conscious human minds. If faith is irrational because God allegedly does not exist, but is rather a construct of the human mind - then, why should we be compelled to submit to equally human-constructed concepts that also do not exist in a cold, indifferent universe? Who decides which human-constructed "phantom" belief system is correct (or even just "better") and must be submitted to?

Who decides what human traits are deterministic and which are changeable? Determinism logically dictates that even traits like the inclination to believe in a God are not products of free will, but just the way that person is - it is "who they are". Why then should they be compelled/expected to change and submit to a conflicting moral system, much less be ridiculed and censured for resisting?

On what grounds has human sexuality and its pursuits become sacred and granted a deterministic free pass (don't dare try and change it)? Why can someone change their physical body, but cannot be expected to consider changing their minds? How is the line drawn between what a person can change about themselves and what they cannot? What science and/or logic supports our country's shift in ideology?

*For those not aware of these philosophy terms, determinism is the opposite of free will. It means that every trait a person has and their every decision and action is a product of involuntary electrochemical processes out of one's control. Therefore determinism means a human being, just like an animal, cannot be held morally responsible for anything he/she does. Nihilism means that morals, values, etc do not exist, and that everything in the universe is ultimately meaningless.

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