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                   Saturday, November 14, 2015

Appealing to academic consensus in one field, but rejecting it in another?

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If you're not a climate scientist, how do you know what to believe about climate change? Who do you go to for reliable information - TV reporters? Politicians? Pastors? Philosophers? Theologians? Pundits on CNN or Fox? Biologists? Sociologists? Airline pilots? Cab drivers?

The science community has been appealing to the consensus of degreed-in-the-field, experienced and peer-reviewed professionals who specialize in climate research. And I think that is reasonable. That's not to say that all of the experts couldn't be wrong, but it shows that there are likely very good reasons and strong evidence for what they believe, and that challenges should be held to a very high standard.

It's puzzling, then, why the equally-robust academic consensus about the person of Jesus in history is rejected by many of the same individuals who trumpet the value of consensus in climate science. In scholarly and academic circles in the field of ancient history and Biblical studies (which includes professionals spanning the full spectrum of belief from Christian to atheist), there is absolutely no doubt that Jesus existed. There is also no debate about several key events in Jesus' life, including His performing what people of the time believed to be miracles, His crucifixion and death, and His reported appearances to many people afterward.

The ONLY figures contending that Jesus didn't exist are all outside of the academic field of ancient history and Biblical studies. None of them have PhD degrees in the field. None have published peer-reviewed papers. ALL are self-declared authorities in the subject on the internet, but when you investigate their credentials, you see that they are grossly unqualified to have any opinion - especially ones that go against the overwhelming evidence and consensus of the experts. Yet many skeptics are comfortable to cite these sources as a basis to doubt any number of facts about Jesus, even His existence.

If a scientist believes it is irrational to listen to the bevy of climate change skeptics who are unqualified and outside of the field, then why are they unwilling to examine the exact same phenomenon happening within their ranks when it comes to the person of Jesus?

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I stumbled across a posting of yours on Flash Flood Waves while I was looking for extended period weather radar loops. I find it odd that its near impossible to get high detail loops for any length of time larger than the usual 3-5 hours. Having read your article FFW article, I came to the conclusion that we share some of the same interests so I read the more recent post on Academic Consensus and Jesus, two things that I dont think belong together. I would like to opine on both of those matters if I may but please, dont be offended, they are just my own deliberations. They are a mix of consensus, theory, observation, understanding, etc. They arent set in stone but they're gonna be pretty hard to change my mind on. Firstly Climate change is natural and constant. It never stops changing. Even after water is gone and nothing but sand and stone are here, there will still be weather patterns and climatic events. Specifically though, what we are calling global warming, is what I believe to be just that, only caused by dielectric radio frequency heating. Basically global warming can be directly attributed to the use of satellite radio transmissions. The correlation is clear and unmistakable if you compared the usage with the observed climatic changes. The earth is like a plate of food and the ionosphere is like a microwave oven, the satellite relays all around the world are the magnetron (source of microwave frequency radio waves which cause the heating). The energy of the earths magnetic field travels in to the Northpole through the earth and out the south. Then they continue far beyond our atmosphere and return, only to do it again perpetually. The warming is caused by the field lines influences energy from the our transmissions to come along for the ride, in essence, we're injecting the heat/energy into the earths natural field. Thats what I believe is whats to blame. Its the most profitable consumer industry yet and it's the most observable from the governments standpoint. If everyone has a cell phone, they know where everyone is and can see/hear what we're saying and doing on our devices. Secondly Academia is not interested in Jesus, they are all after money or knowledge. Jesus' existence doesn't need proof for those of us who know in our hearts did exist. What matters is what message he was trying to convey before his peers allowed the rulers to murder him for being different. Those messages wouldn't be tolerated today either and thats the important piece, why not? Jesus tried to save us all, we just chose to ignore those messages and skew the words to suit the clergymen and royalty.
- Posted by Jesse D from Vancouver Island

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