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                   Friday, August 5, 2016

Ending up in pictures and videos with tornadoes

30 Years of Storm Photography
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I'm not one for selfies (neither during storm expeditions nor in everyday life), so I have very little in the way of photos and video to show myself participating in my favorite activity. This season, however, there were a good number of times I ended up in a scene with a great tornado, thanks to other storm photographers nearby:

  • I love the perspective of this still image - my favorite - by Quincy Vagell of me standing in a field right in front of the second major Dodge City tornado at its peak strength. Quincy also has this image of me and the tornado that I also really like.
  • At close to the same time, Robert Sinner shot this still image of me and my car with the tornado.
  • Aaron Rigsby took this image with me in front of the Solomon-Chapman, Kansas tornado as it was getting started.
  • Robin Lorenson captured this view of me with the EF4 Chapman tornado as it crossed Jeep Road at Abilene, complete with a lightning strike.
  • I'm visible a couple of times in Hank Schyma's excellent video of the Dodge City tornadoes (at 2:06 and my favorite at 3:59).
  • The French storm photography team of Christophe Asselin, Vincent Deligny, Arnaud Duchesne and Marjorie Liot captured me and my car in front of the Solomon-Chapman tornado as it was crossing the road north of Abilene (I'm visible starting at 5:16).

30 Years of Storm Photography
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