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                   Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Chicago upward lightning in slow motion during derecho on August 10, 2020

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The Midwest derecho on August 10 prompted my first trip outside of the St. Louis area in 5 months. The storm was almost certain to have a large trailing stratiform precipitation region with lightning activity, a prime setup for upward flashes from Chicago's tallest skyscrapers. I left home after 9AM and made it to my newly-scouted setup spot northwest of downtown after 3PM (my longtime Rush University skyline view spot I'd been using since 2006 is gone for good thanks to a new building being constructed across the street from it).

After 9 failed expeditions to Chicago last year for this subject, this year's first trip (and only one so far) was a success. There were at least 13 upward lightning flash events to the skyscrapers, with four separate instances of triple simultaneous building strikes (Sears, Trump, Hancock). I focused solely on high speed video during the storm, capturing 8 of the upward flashes from the buildings. I published this video to Youtube, which can be viewed below:

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