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                   August 31, 2021

Union Pacific "Big Boy" #4014 visits St. Louis

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Since 2019, I've had a couple of "almost" opportunities to see newly-restored "Big Boy" steam locomotive #4014, but they required long trips that just didn't work out due to personal schedule conflicts. I finally got the chance to see it here at home this month during its passage through St. Louis.

My main video camera is still in the shop for repairs, so I had to rely on my old, buggy JVC HM170 camera for this event. Nonetheless, I was blessed to have most of my planned shots between Chester and Gasconade work out. Most notably, I was very thankful to be tipped off to a secret photo shoot at the Arch which only a handful of photographers knew about.

Although I shot primarily video, I did manage two quality stills during the Arch shoot:

I posted the full video on my Youtube channel:

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Dan's YouTube Video Channel
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