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                   Sunday, March 14, 2021

Winter storm chasing roundup from November 2020 - February 2021

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After a completely event-less November and early December, winter weather was a busy affair up for the remainder of the season. This is a roundup of the events and trips during this interval.

December 13: Branson, MO snow event

I traveled to southwestern Missouri to shoot a snow event in the Branson-Hollister area. Temperatures stayed close to or just above freezing for most of the event, limiting impacts. No footage or pictures captured.

December 16: St. Louis light snow and icy bridges

An overperforming light snow event overnight resulted in high-impact bridge icing over the northern half of the St. Louis metro area. I captured this footage on I-170 in Berkeley:

December 29: Columbia, MO snow

A minor snow event was missing St. Louis to the north and west, so I drove west on I-70 to catch a short snow band that iced roads in the Columbia area.

December 31: St. Louis metro freezing rain/sleet/snow

I spent the start of the new year covering freezing rain across the St. Louis metro overnight. In a reversal of the norm, the highest-impact bridge icing occurred on the Illinois side. No footage captured.

January 15: St. Louis snow

A trace of snowfall results in a no-impact event during another half-day of shooting video. No footage captured.

January 25: Springfield, IL freezing rain/sleet

I spent the day in and around the Springfield area to shoot several rounds of freezing rain, sleet and snow. No footage captured.

January 27: St. Louis snow

Another 16-hour shoot during St. Louis' first measureable snow of the season. No footage captured.

February 6: St. Louis snow

The big arctic freeze begins in St. Louis with a round of snow and icy roads. I spent another 12 hours shooting video from St. Charles to Mehlville. No footage captured.

February 8-17: Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi icy road trip

My longest winter weather trip to date began on the 8th for a major arctic air intrustion bringing historic winter precipitation and cold to the deep South. I covered 7 states in those 10 days. I am working on a big writeup on this event for my site. For now, here are some pictures and videos:

Deserted highways in downtown Houston, TX

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