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Lightning over the West Virginia State Capitol

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Charleston, WV - July 23, 1999 - 10:30PM

Life, like lightning, is short. The mission of this web site is to pass on the message about who can save you from your future. Don't put it off.

Sometimes the Lord pours out the blessings and allows you to reach your goals - and then some. Such was the case this Friday summertime night in Charleston. In ten years of storm chasing, no other lightning display was and has been as cooperative with me as this one.

I had set a goal earlier that year to catch lightning over the West Virginia State Capitol building. So on the evening of July 23 when the flashes on the western horizon became brighter and started producing audible thunder, I knew it was time to head down MacCorkle Avenue to the University of Charleston campus. I had just returned from a great Christian concert at the Civic Center, so I was already having a pretty good day.

UC is right across the river from the Capitol, and the front lawn has a great, unobstructed view of it. Also almost unheard of during lightning chases, the rain stayed away for the entire lightning show. This meant that I was able to set up without rain shelter, next to one of the tall campus buildings and get the angle that I wanted.

I caught a total of 10 decent shots that night, more than the average year's worth around here. The credit for the success goes to the Lord, who made it possible.

Camera/Lens/Film: 35mm Minolta SRT201 SLR, 35-70mm lens, Kodak 100 ASA.
Exposure: 10 to 45 seconds @ F8

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