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Hurricane Ivan slams Gulf coast, heads for Appalachians: Like Frances, Ivan expected to bring flooding rains well inland: September 16, 2004

ABOVE: Hurricane Ivan blasts into Mobile, Alabama on Wednesday night.

MOBILE, AL - Hurricane Ivan made landfall along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida on Wednesday night. Now that Ivan is inland, the focus turns to severe flooding that is already in progress in the Appalachians. Meanwhile, Hurricane Jeanne is threatening the Atlantic coast with yet another landfall. Below are photos and video from our trip to Mobile for landfall - a complete report will follow in the coming days:

EXPEDITION VIDEO: Ivan roars into Mobile: Storm Highway Video Clip


ON-LOCATION MEDIA INFO: Please contact Storm Highway storm observer Dan Robinson via cell phone at 304-610-1374.

BELOW: Storm observing a hurricane requires large amounts of planning, food and supplies, as evidenced by the cargo in the back of the Storm Highway truck today:

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