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Rain, snow slicken roads: Accident on I-64 bridge due to speed, wet conditions: January 18, 2006

ABOVE: A car wrecks and rolls over on the I-64 Oakwood bridge in Charleston on Wednesday morning.

VIDEO: Rollover accident caught on tape : Windows Media, 1.9MB

CHARLESTON, WV - Wet roads and high speed contributed to a single-vechicle accident at I-64's notorious Oakwood bridge curve early on Wednesday morning. The accident was caught on tape by a Storm Highway cameraman who happened to be at that location shooting overnight weather video. The car entered the sharp curve at a high rate of speed, lost control, hit the left barrier, spun around, struck the right barrier, and finally rolled over onto its roof. The occupants exited the vehicle through the rear window and fled the scene. Tense moments followed as other cars and trucks barely missed the wreckage. Another car hit the car's bumper in the middle lane and dragged it down the highway.

According to Charleston police, three young men were driving a car that belonged to one of the men's fathers. They were traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed and lost control of the car upon encountering the sharp curve at the Oakwood exit of I-64. The car bounced off of both barriers and rolled over. After the accident all three occupants fled the scene for fear of the repercussions from the owner of the car. The men ran down the Oakwood road on-ramp toward Route 119 (corridor G). Police caught up with them and brought them back to the scene. Charleston police speculate that the men were going to report the car stolen to avoid the consequences. The driver was cited for failure to maintain control.

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