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Close-up video of vehicle accident impact: Airbag deployment, front-end compression, frame torsion visible
January 21, 2007

CHARLESTON, WV - A series of spinouts and and a single-vehicle accident involving a Ford Ranger pickup on an icy and snow-covered Interstate 64 bridge were captured on a high-definition (1080i HD) video camera on Sunday, January 21, 2007. As a result of the HD resolution, a clear digital crop of the footage can be performed to reveal a close-up view of the Ranger's impact with the bridge's side barrier. Visible in this view are the airbag deployment, the driver's impact with the airbag, compression of the vehicle's front end, torsion of the vehicle frame, jarring of the windshield wipers, impact wavefront and deformation of the hood, and ejection of loose object in the bed of the pickup.

A small clip of the full-frame (16x9 aspect ratio) video of all three vehicle incidents are available at the following link:

VIDEO CLIP: January 21 accidents: 16x9 Flash video

A full-resolution crop of the HD footage of the Ranger's impact is available at the following link:

VIDEO CLIP: Ford Ranger impact with bridge side barrier

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