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Winter digs in to West Virginia: Cold air keeps precip as snow throughout state
January 28, 2007

ABOVE: Sparks fly from a snowplow blade in Pinch on Sunday night.

CHARLESTON, WV - West Virginia is finally getting a taste of real winter in recent days. Frigid arctic air will keep numerous snowfall events in the forecast for Charleston and all of the Central Appalachian region.

A classic upslope snow band developed just north of Charleston on Sunday night, demonstrating how fast conditions can change in these types of events. While downtown Charleston saw only a light dusting of snow, accumulations peaked above two inches in the Pinch/Big Chimney areas. I-79 drivers saw road conditions go from clear in Charleston, to icy and treacherous from Mink Shoals to Elkview, then clear again from Clendenin northward.


EXPEDITION VIDEO 1: Watch cars spin out and crash on I-64 in Charleston: Watch Video Clip

EXPEDITION VIDEO 2: Watch a heavy snow squall envelop west Charleston: Watch Video Clip

EXPEDITION VIDEO 3: Watch Pinch drivers deal with a heavy snow band: Watch Video Clip

BELOW: Drivers in Pinch negotiate the more than two inches of snow that fell on Sunday night.


(ABOVE) Snow bands can turn the weather from clear to whiteout snow in two minutes! Watch this snow band envelop west Charleston on Sunday afternoon: Watch Video Clip

BELOW: Vehicles spin out and wreck on the I-64 bridge at Oakwood Road in Charleston. Watch Video Clip

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