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Impressive valley fog blankets Charleston: Fog viewed from above gives observers a show: January 1, 2005

ABOVE: Fog begins to lift over the city on Sunday morning.

TIME-LAPSE VIDEO: Valley fog in Charleston on Sunday morning
TIME-LAPSE VIDEO: Valley fog in Charleston on Saturday night

CHARLESTON, WV - Dense fog formed in the Kanawha and Elk River valleys in Charleston on Saturday night. Cold rivers allowed valley temperatures to reach the dewpoint, causing dense fog to form. Outside of the valleys, the air remained clear, with a sharp boundary between dense fog and clear air. Hiking up to a ridge several hundred feet above the city yielded a spectacular view of the San Fransisco-like valley fog, illuminated from below by the city lights. The fog slowly flowed through the valley as a river of clouds. BELOW: Breathtaking view of valley fog over Charleston from a high ridge in Spring Hill Cemetery, from Storm Highway video on The Weather Channel on January 2.

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