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Lightning Season in West Virginia

July 14-15, 2000

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Friday: Although lightning was frequent and close, simply none of it wanted to strike where I had the camera pointing. I didn't capture any 35mm images from this storm, but two back-to-back distant discharges flashed for the video camera (first thumbnail below).

Saturday: A all-day mountain biking chase and camping trip in the New River Gorge near Thurmond was interrupted several times by weak early-evening storms. Since it was still daylight, I didn't try for any 35mm shots, but one distant strike made it onto video (second thumnail below). The rainfall created the classic valley fog formations on the mountainsides, which along with the river, sunset, and distant thunder created a rather refreshing scene (last thumnail below).

Click on each thumbnail image to view the associated video clip:

July 14, 2000 (399KB)
Charleston, WV
Fire trucks and distant lightning.

July 15, 2000 (173KB)
Thurmond, WV
Distant flash in the New River Gorge.

July 15, 2000 (1.2MB)
Thurmond, WV
Sunset, fog & thunder in the Gorge.

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