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Constant storms keep skies active: Daily thunderstorms continue: June 29-30, 2005

ABOVE: Lightning along Route 119 near Julian, WV on Wednesday night. RIGHT: Drivers negotiate a flooded section of I-64 in Huntington, from Storm Highway video on The Weather Channel on June 30.

EXPEDITION VIDEO: Lightning south of Charleston on Wednesday: WMV Clip, 1.8MB

HUNTINGTON, WV - With plentiful moisture and a nearly nonexistent capping inversion to supress storm development, thunderstorms have been a daily and nightly occurance across West Virginia this week. In fact, since Monday afternoon, there have not been many extended periods of time when a thunderstorm was not in progress somewhere in the Mountain State.

Thursday, June 30 - Storms popped up in abundance around the state on Thursday, with the strongest storms affecting the western half of the region. The Huntington area saw a bout of heavy rain that overwhelmed storm drains on I-64 westbound, flooding the highway and bringing traffic to a crawl.

Wednesday, June 29 - Storms developed on Wednesday afternoon mainly south of I-64 in Boone and Lincoln Counties, lasting into the night. A few of the communities affected included Whitesville, Racine, Alum Creek, Seth, and Alkol. The storms did not produce any known severe weather or flooding problems, but put on a light show in the mountains south of the Kanawha River valley. More storms are expected on Thursday and Friday, with severe weather a possibility for Friday.

BELOW: Lightning along Route 119 near Julian, WV on Wednesday night.

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