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Intense Northern Lights show: Powerful solar flare triggers widespread auroras: May 15, 2005

ABOVE: Amazing Aurora Borealis in Illinois early on Sunday (digital photos by Matt Robinson).

VIDEO: Aurora Borealis display in northern Illinois, Windows Media, 3MB

DWIGHT, ILLINOIS - While an anomalous weather pattern kept severe storms out of the Plains, the space weather pattern was just as active as ever on Saturday night. A strong solar flare triggered an extremely bright display of the Northern Lights, and from our vantage point just south of Chicago, the show was spectacular - filling nearly the entire sky, from horizon to horizon and straight above. Matt Robinson ( took the digital photos on this page, while I tried as best possible to capture the event on video. Even with a wide-angle lens, it was impossible to get the whole show in one frame, but we still got some decent shots.

Video captures - click to enlarge

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