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Rush-Hour Drama: Charleston, WV - October 27, 2003 - 7:45AM

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VIDEO: Storm Highway Video Clip - Chain-reaction accident caught on video on I-64 in Charleston

During a Storm Highway video shoot on Fort Hill for The Weather Channel on October 27, the camera caught part of a hair-raising series of back-to-back collisions on Interstate 64.

Rain-slickened roads contibuted to a chain reaction accident involving at least 12 vehicles on Interstate 64 on the downtown Charleston bridge over the Kanawha River. A small gray car spun out first and came to rest against the barrier in the left lane, possibly after colliding with another car out of view. Fast-moving rush hour traffic slowed quickly behind the first accident and three more cars collided on the bridge (on camera). 30 seconds later at least 8 more cars collided in the middle of the bridge (off camera). Emergency vehicles converged on the scene. Thankfully no serious injuries were reported.

Yet another reminder of the need to slow down on rain-covered roads.

Frames from video:

The first accident:

The second accident, involving 3 more vehicles:

The third accident, involving at least 8 more vehicles:

Emergency officials converge on the scenes:

Digital Video: Sony DCR-TRV900 3CCD MiniDV, 720x480 NTSC


Screen captures from Storm Highway video on The Weather Channel on Monday afternoon:

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