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Lightning Season in West Virginia

March 25, 2000

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Saturday, March 25th radar, about 2:30 PMOn Saturday afternoon, a rash of about 60 small isolated storms broke out across West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. One of the larger storms that moved through the Teays Valley / Charleston area started with sporadic intracloud lightning which later progressed to cloud-to-ground strikes after the storm had moved off about 5 miles to the east. I didn't try to photograph this one because the storm was too small to adequately block out enough sunlight.

Top: Mammatus clouds as the storm moves off to the east - Scott Depot, WV.

Bottom: (Composite of two photo frames) The storm at a distance of 30 miles, looking east from Hurricane, WV. The dissipating storm is probably over the Charleston / Marmet area at this point. (And you thought there wasn't any flat land in West Virginia- Hurricane is in the heart of Teays Valley, a stretch of gently rolling hills between Charleston and Huntington.)

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