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Storm Highway by Dan RobinsonClick for an important message
Web Site Design by Dan Robinson

West Virginia clients: I work as a web developer for CIS Internet in Charleston, West Virginia. CIS specializes in web design and internet marketing/management. If your company or organization is located in West Virginia and is in need of design or web management services, give CIS a call. I will likely be the one working on your project through CIS.
If you're outside the state of West Virginia and are in need of a custom-designed web site, I am currently accepting out-of-state design clients at a discount rate (currently all of my West Virginia contracts need to go through CIS).

My fee for a standard web design package is $1,999 (USD), and includes:

  • Custom graphic design and layout for home page and up to 5 subpages
  • Basic flash animation (photo slideshow, moving header background, etc)
  • Search engine optimization and consultation
  • Spam-proof email form return
I can also install add-ons such as e-commerce shopping carts, blogging systems, photo galleries and more for additional rates. Just let me know about any extras you may need, and I'll get you a quote. If I'm not able to personally service an aspect of your project (such as special programming needs), I have partnerships with many colleagues (mostly through CIS) that can do just about anything you need.

Domain names and hosting
If you need a domain name for your new site, I will register it for you at cost. By default, I host all of my client sites through CIS (they will bill you directly for the monthly hosting fee). However, you are free to register your own domain name and use your own hosting provider if you so choose.

Project timeline
Turnaround time for a site is usually on the order of two to three weeks, although this is greatly dependent on how quickly you can get your content to me (photos, logos, text copy, etc). You'll actually have a fairly active role in the design process, from communicating your vision with me to approving the 'look and feel' of the design. If you can devote at least 30 minutes every other day to the project (writing your content, reviewing/approving the design, etc), two weeks is a reasonable time to have everything completed.

Dan's advantage
So why choose me to design your site? I have been in the web design business for nearly 14 years. I build all of my sites 'from scratch', coding the pages by hand and using the latest in graphics software. I never use templates or 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' editors, meaning I have precise control over every element of the site's layout and functionality. I build sites that look professional and are cross-browser compatible. I don't get into the fancy bells and whistles (such as complex flash animations) that will drive up your cost, take more time to implement and won't bring your site any real value. I simply focus on making your site look sharp, easy to use and search-engine friendly. Finally, if you shop around, I think you'll find that $1,999 is a very reasonable rate for a professionally designed web site.

The following are a few sites I've recently designed.


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