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                   Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 3:10PM

I-64's Fort Hill Bridge at Oakwood Road

Oakwood/Fort Hill Bridge update

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On Friday, I received a letter from West Virginia Secretary of Transportation/State Highway Commissioner Paul A. Mattox, Jr. regarding the Fort Hill (Oakwood) bridge on I-64 in Charleston. In the letter, the Commissioner said the DOH is installing an experimental pavement overlay on another high-accident bridge on I-79. This overlay is designed to add skid resistance to the road surface and the retention of de-icing substances applied in the wintertime. If this overlay is deemed successful, it will be installed on other bridges in the area, including the Oakwood/Fort Hill Bridge.

According to the DOH web site, the state's official designation of the bridge at the Oakwood interchange is the 'Fort Hill Bridge', named after the hill and overlook above the highway. Although local media reports have long referred to the bridge as the 'Oakwood' bridge (due to the exit ramps at the bridge being labeled for Oakwood Road), I decided in the name of accuracy to change all of the material on this site to refer to the bridge's official state-given name.

Snow update:
A good upslope snow event looks possible for a large part of the state on Monday and Monday night, with the best chances for accumulation in the mountains. Tuesday through Thursday, the models show good conditions for snow statewide, with subfreezing temperatures and several rounds of precip sweeping through.

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