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                   Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 12:30PM

Deep winter pattern approaching with multiple storms

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My last post may seem a little ironic given the fact that every post (except one) here so far this month has been about keeping up with winter events. The next 10 days (at least) could end up rivaling some of the past 5 years or so in terms of frequency/intensity of snowfall events here in West Virginia. The first of these is a fairly significant coastal-low based storm on tap this weekend for the central/eastern Appalachians, the Carolinas/VA Piedmont and even some of the Atlantic coastal areas. Not a record-breaker by any means, but model estimates are painting a swath of more than a foot of snow along the eastern mountains and Blue Ridge areas, with up to 6-8 inches here in Charleston possible. The Carolinas will likely see one of their once-or-twice annually winter storm events with this system, with snow, sleet and freezing rain occuring possibly all the way to the coast in some areas.

After this storm, temps are not shown rising much above freezing in most areas, meaning the snowpack may remain through Christmas - about which time another storm is shown impacting the country with possibly an even colder pattern. It unfortunately will be a busy time for icy road coverage/monitoring and data collection.

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