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                   Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 7:39PM

New camera view

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I installed a second web camera last night with a view looking to the east from the front of the house. With this camera aimed at more of the sky, I can do full-day timelapses whenever Charleston gets interesting systems passing overhead. This also leaves the original camera to 'officially' permanently do what it's been doing all winter, that is, act as a 'surface precip indicator' by recording parts of the back porch and ground. I captured the first timelapse from Camera II, showing some of the snow squalls today followed by clearing skies (with me adjusting the focus about midway through).

Both of these cameras are the cheap ones we bought for use as in-car webcams during our Plains storm chase expedition back in 2006. I figured it's better to get them out of storage and put them to use for something, despite their picture quality being pretty meager. I like the ability to do long-duration timelapses with these, so in the future I may upgrade to a couple of better cameras that might be able to do broadcast or even HD-quality time-lapse imagery.

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