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                   Wednesday, January 21, 2009 - 10:53PM

Iris Virginia Smith Wiggins (Mana)

25 Years of Storm Observing
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Visit Mana's Memorial Web page for photos, the obituary and more.

Thanks to all who posted comments and notes of encouragement during this past week.

It is so wonderful to read so much about Mrs. Iris. She worked closely with me at our church BBQs, always remembering to get "skins" for her family members. She was so faithful in helping and her smile was infectious. We always laughed that we couldn't get good help to stay with us (we were the chief bottle washers, pork skin baggers & pickled watermelon getters). She never seemed to mind helping. She ALWAYS brought several pies that she had baked and yes, I LOVED her cane. My family will pray for all of you in the loss of your mom, sister, grandma, friend & nana. I will surely miss her. Thank you for sharing a part of your hearts with us.
- Posted by Donna from Raleigh
"Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet." Corinthians 15:51~52. "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth..." Isaiah 65:17. We will meet again in new heavens and a new earth. I will pray for you and your family.
- Posted by Luka Lee from Arizona
Iris was a special friend to us at Hollands UMC.
- Posted by Judy Best from Raleigh, NC.
What a special lady. She'll be missed at Hollands.
- Posted by Cathy Poole from Garner, NC

25 Years of Storm Observing
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