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                   Monday, January 14, 2008 - 10:24AM

Winter is back

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I just returned from a long weekend trip to Raleigh last night to find West Virginia back into the winter season. Snow, forecast to continue through Wednesday, has been off-and-on here since just after midnight - but so far no accumulations have been noted. The ground was covered on Flat Top Mountain, but nothing was sticking anywhere else. A nice batch of snow showers are approaching from the west, and based on the scenes on the traffic camera network around Cincinnati, should give us at least a dusting here in Charleston by mid-afternoon. Although I'm not going to devote quite as much time following this today as I have the past few storms, I am keeping a cautious eye on the roads for any problems that might develop.

The StormCam is currently trained on the ground to keep tabs on any accumulations we get over the next couple of days.

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