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                   Thursday, January 3, 2008 - 5:55PM

More Charleston snow photos, big warmup ahead

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I added a few more photos from today to the January 1-3, 2008 snowstorm event log. The upslope snow continued strong through mid-morning Thursday, bringing an exact repeat of covered roads as yesterday. My front yard and steps had a good four to four and a half inches total at sunrise (photo above). By midday, the sun was out, and by afternoon the skies were clear. The 4 to 5 inch low-density snowpack across Charleston sublimated quickly in the sunlight, and now only shaded areas have the bulk of their accumulations remaining. Unfortunatly this meant that the classic 'blue sky/white ground' shots were nowhere to be seen by the time I was able to get out this afternoon. Everything will be gone in a few days as temps rocket into the 60s during the weekend, wrapping up this New Year's cold air and snow episode for West Virginia.

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