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New Year's 2008 snowstorm: January 1-3, 2008

ABOVE: A pickup truck slides sideways down a steep hill off of Oakwood Road in Charleston on Wednesday. (More photos below)

HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: Sliding downhill in Charleston: Watch Video

STORMCAM TIMELAPSE: Time-lapse of New Year's snow accumulation in Charleston: Watch Video

DRIVING TIPS: Icy Bridge Safety

CHARLESTON & BECKLEY, WV - An impressively long-duration upslope snow event brought accumulating snow to West Virginia starting on New Year's Day and continuing through Thursday the 3rd. My 36-hour marathon 'winter weather chase' of this event started and ended in Charleston, with a short trip to Beckley to try to catch some thundersnow that had been reported at the airport. Despite the multi-day icy road conditions, the accident rate during this event was much lower than normal, possibly due to the light and powdery fine-grained snow that was less slick than usual.

GALLERY: New Year's 2008 Charleston-Beckley, WV Snowstorm Photos

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Fort Hill / Oakwood Bridge Heavy snow near Beckley Heavy snow near Beckley Icy I-64 in Charleston

Slick Scenic Drive Snow over Christmas lights Treacherous staircase Snowy hillside and street

Snow over Christmas lights Icicles

Sliding plow truck Slipping and falling Sliding into a ditch Wheels locked

Sliding sideways Starting to slide

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