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                   Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 1:52PM

Charleston panorama from Spring Hill Cemetery

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I'm amazed at the capabilities of panorama stitching software, and am starting to get hooked on this aspect of photography. I've been using Autostitch for a while to piece together a few panos here and there, but I think I'm soon going to upgrade to the more refined PtGui as I get further in depth into this. This is a 36-image panorama of Charleston, taken from the ridgetop behind my house in Spring Hill Cemetery with my 75-300 lens and assembled with Autostitch. This free software does a pretty nice job, aside from a couple of blurry blend spots around trees. The view here is looking west-southwest.

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Before assembling this, I resized the 12MP images (4,272 pixels wide each) down to 2,000 pixels wide each, just to keep the stitching process from being too long. Even at that, the final stitched file was over 10,000 pixels wide! I resized that down to a 4,000 wide image to post here.

A few points of interest in this image: The Oakwood/Carter/Fort Hill bridge on I-64 is just to the right of downtown, with the Fort Hill overlook vantage point visible on the cliffs above it. The light blue Patrick Street bridge is on the far right, the gray South Side Bridge on the far left. On the far right, just above and to the left of the red high-rise building in the distance (in South Charleston), is the lightning-prone 1,500-foot WVAH TV tower near St. Albans, 18 miles away!

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