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                   Sunday, June 29, 2008 - 1:35PM

Thursday-Saturday WV/PA storm video roundup

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As promised, here are high-definition video clips from the three most recent events:

HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 1: Lightning over downtown Pittsburgh, June 26
HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 2: Lightning at Wallback, WV, June 28
HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 3: Shelf cloud over downtown Charleston, June 28

Plus a video from back on June 4, which I just got around to capturing in:

HD EXPEDITION VIDEO 4: Bow echo shelf cloud over Sissonville, WV, June 4

And a summary of recent chase posts, with photos:

PHOTOS: Pittsburgh lightning & Fairmont, WV storm
PHOTOS: Charleston, WV shelf cloud & lightning

And finally, a set of HD video frame captures from the Wallback storm on Saturday afternoon:

Click to enlarge

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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