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                   Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - 4:53PM

June 29 Charleston sunset

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Thanks to the heads-up from Paul Hadfield, I went out last evening watching for a potential volcanic ash-colorized sunset. I didn't see anything unusual (I think the ash cloud is still to the north and west of here), but the 'normal' sky was still not too bad.

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There hasn't been much to talk about recently, and there probably will not be for some time (at least weather-wise). The current pattern featuring a large cutoff low over southeastern Canada doesn't favor severe or even strong storms over much of the eastern US. There will be some slight chances for convection here and there, but tempered with lots of instability-limiting cloud cover. No real chances for any travel-worthy out-of-state storm setups are on the horizon either. In a nutshell, we're looking at least a week of boring weather. This wouldn't be so bad, except that the upper low will keep things mostly cloudy during this time, limiting landscape/city photography opportunities. So, it's looking like a rather mundane week to get yardwork done (which the cooler temps will help with) and get caught up on some revenue web work.

Nice anti-crepusculars! The color cast in the upper most portion looks like it might be ash fall remnants. Spaceweather is all over it so I doubt we'll be done for awhile. Just wish there was a way to track the migrating particle/aerosol bands.
- Posted by Paul H from Decatur, IL

I am ignorant here..where would the volcanic ash come from? has there been a volcano eruption somewhere? thank you..
- Posted by DD from NC

nevermind..I just read about pics
- Posted by DD from NC

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