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                   Monday, June 4, 2007 - 8:09PM

Quick 35-mile gust front chase

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Yes, this is my fourth blog post today. A dying line of thunderstorms moved into Charleston this afternoon. The show of the day was a potent gust front laid down by the weakening storms' outflow, which kicked up clouds of dust and dirt and tossed lightweight items around. Gust fronts are like 'walls of wind' that hit in advance of a storm. I stayed just ahead of the gust front from St. Albans to Charleston, stopping several times to let it briefly overtake me. The ominous cloud formation on the underside of the shelf cloud was deceiving, as the storm was weaker than it appeared. As with most gust front chases, I ended the day with lots of sand and grit in my teeth, ears and hair. I didn't see or hear any lightning at all this afternoon.

Cumulus congestus in Charleston

Faint mammatus over Dunbar

Gust front kicks up dust in Nitro

Ominous underside of shelf cloud in Charleston

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