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                   Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 10:46PM

Lightning in rural Kanawha County

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After returning home from Pittsburgh this morning, I was half 'armchair observing' the Plains today (via my laptop along the side of the road) while shooting lightning in a few pulsing storms north of Charleston. Today's setup in Kansas was what I thought would be the best for tornadoes seen so far this season, and so I was surprised to see it bust so badly. Since I had chosen to sit out the Plains this week (due to faltering travel funds and low confidence in the forecast), it was quite a relief to see that I didn't miss anything.

The HD video camera was all I could use today to catch lightning in the bright daylight conditions. Most of the lightning was too quick for 'reaction'-type shots, so I didn't try for much. A fairly unremarkable outing, except that I got my first rainbow/lightning combo.

Near Big Chimney:

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Near Elkview:

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Arcus forms on the outflow over Big Chimney:

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Scene along a ridgetop road near Big Chimney:

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Finally, this view of the fizzling storms at sunset from Fort Hill. There is actually some lightning in this shot, an intracloud channel faintly visible near the horizon.

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