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                   Thursday, March 5, 2009 - 12:23AM

Spring jumps ahead early!

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Now that's the kind of thing I like to see. In the first few innings of the game between spring vs winter, spring jumps out ahead early. There's some rain in there, but I'll take warm over snow or cold. The GFS is showing a cold trough sweeping through mid-week next week (around Wednesday-Thursday) but at this point the surface freezing line isn't shown getting close to us. So we get a nice break from winter for the foreseeable future, with no snow or ice on the horizon. That's why I love March!

We've still got the rest of the month to go - and as I've said before, if past Marches are any indication, we'll probably see another snow event or two.

Going back to the Ranger

Although I didn't get what I was after 100% at the dealership yesterday, we did reach an acceptable compromise that ended up covering the remainder of my previous loan on the Freestyle. The result:

Going back to a truck, for me, officially brings to a close a 5-year era of an intensive storm chasing/news video life. In a pickup, there's no room for all of the equipment I used in my brief stint in the news video world - and so I won't be carrying it all with me any longer. My Freestyle was more of a utility purchase for that reason, rather than a personal preference one - so it's nice to go back to driving something I want. I will not be installing much permanent chase gear in this vehicle - possibly nothing more than an inverter-based power system. I'm living life more than I'm photographing storms, so a vehicle that suits me for everyday things is what I like. The simpler, the better!

The new truck looks sharp, Dan!
- Posted by Rob Russo from Hampton, VA

Nice lookin' truck Dan. Will you be covering the bed?
- Posted by John

Thanks! I just got an under-rail bedliner installed today.
- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

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