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                   Sunday, May 11, 2008 - 10:40AM

May 11 chase - updates

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Update 4:41PM Sunday: Not much to report other than just running back and forth across the county observing rain showers. Saw a few pieces of pea-sized hail at Bills Creek Road and I-64, and that's it. Here are some photos....

Mammatus over downtown Charleston:

Today was a day of look-alikes. Would have been a great spotter training field day of things to not call in. This had the look of a nice updraft base, bell-shape and all - but it was on the wrong side of the storm (northwest). It may have been something to watch if there had been a new storm developing there (in which case I'd expect to see a rain shaft to the right). Radar showed nothing new developing here.

A few rising scud tags were present there, but no rotation:

The John Amos plant cooling towers create quite a few tornado look-alikes, this one was probably the best 'fakenado' I've seen. There even looks like an RFD clear slot to the left. If you were a storm photographer and didn't know that power plant was there, you'd be flipping out topping the hill on I-64 and seeing this - of course until you saw that it wasn't rotating or moving with the storm.

Another 'scudnado' look-alike over Teays Valley Road. Around here the terrain and trees usually hide what's close to the ground, as in this case (which was nothing). Again, no rotation here, and this feature was on the northwest side of the storm.

Update 1:29PM Sunday: Redevelopment is under way to the west thanks to heating and cold air aloft.

Update 12:09PM Sunday: So far an expedition of dying storms and technical difficulties. The Spotter Network client crashes on my older laptop, which needs the GPS for WxWorx. So no GPS data for now. The Cradlepoint access router also reset itself, and I don't have the manual to get the default password for it. So, only plug-in internet is available, limiting access to one computer anyway. So only the Event Cam is running now.

Other than that, nothing but heavy rain out here now. I'll be going home in a few minutes. There is some clearing out west behind this line, and it's still early in the day - so there may be a secondary threat later this afternoon.

10:40AM Sunday: Heading out now - the ChaseCam will be running and my GPS position will be broadcast on Spotter Network.

30 Years of Storm Photography
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