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                   Friday, May 29, 2009 - 5:09PM

Carter/Oakwood/Fort Hill bridge getting anti-icing overlay

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DAILY MAIL ARTICLE: Fort Hill Bridge slated for major redo

ARTICLE WITH PHOTOS/VIDEO: Anti-icing overlay install on Little Sandy Bridges

My future winters are going to be much easier.

The WV Department of Highways will be installing Poly-Carb Flexogrid anti-icing overlay to the Fort Hill Bridge on I-64 this summer. (I got some shots of the overlay install at Little Sandy last year).

I don't think anyone is happier than me to see this happen. If the overlay works the way it should here, my winters are now going to be 'freed up' in a major way. The Fort Hill bridge story was a difficult, time-consuming and unpleasant one to cover. Dollar for dollar and hour for hour, video revenue from this location did not amount to much for the time I put into it. I kept up with it so intensely mainly because I didn't want to miss something major and newsworthy, as no one else covers this particular subject.

I will be monitoring the bridge for the first couple of snowfalls we get this upcoming winter, just to see if the product makes a difference as advertised.

As for the icy road subject, Fort Hill is not the only danger zone around the area. There will still be icy road accidents happening during every snow and freezing rain event at other spots, so just because Fort Hill is getting some attention doesn't mean it's time for drivers to let their guard down. Any bridge, particularly curved ones on high-speed roads (interstates and 4-lanes) are accident hotspots in the winter (I put together Charleston's top five list here).

When the overlay goes in, I'm planning on being there for it - if all goes well, it will bring to a close the infamy of the Fort Hill bridge's winter reputation.

(Thanks to Jake Stump for the mention in Thursday's Daily Mail article)

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