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                   Wednesday, November 10, 2008 - 4:16PM

Snow this weekend; downtown video studio

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The GFS model seems to be settling on a snow outlook for this weekend for the bulk of West Virginia. Once again, the mountains are the favored areas, but the parameters are in place for Charleston's possible first dusting on Sunday morning. Temps may even be cold enough Sunday morning for icy roads in Charleston - something to watch out for. The snow may begin falling statewide as early as Saturday midday, with temps plummeting into the night. The setup looks similar to the October 28 event, but slightly colder.

GFS precip, ptype and temp forecast for Sunday morning

Downtown studio

One of the tasks on my working-late list last night was getting the downtown video "studio room" set up. This is not one of those big high-ceiling classic photo studios, but it will do - a small but adequate room to do short interviews/standups. It's nice to have the dedicated space to leave things set up and ready to go. The basics are all finished, though I've got a few props (plants, furniture) to move in on as as-needed basis. We did our first project in here in the morning, a CIS web presentation.

click to enlarge

Thanks for Tess sitting. She said that she had a great time tearing up the computer!!! Great pix of her.
- Posted by Sally
Hi Dan, could you post a still image taken with this lighting setup please. Would like to see the effect from the back light top left. Thanks
- Posted by Mick from United Kingdom
Mick, here is a capture from our shoot yesterday (click this a for larger version):

- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

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