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                   Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 7:54AM CDT

8/13 distant storm and full moon

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On my way to work last night, I saw this distant storm flickering in the moonlight way down near Murphysboro, about 50 miles to the south. I only had time to pull over for 5 minutes just west of New Baden and fire off a few frames.

Distant storm, lightning and full moon
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Moonlit distant storm and lightning
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After an active spring, this summer has been unusually quiet here - this is the first lightning I've been able to shoot since June 26. I had Friday night off, and as such was anticipating being able to get another St. Louis lightning session in with expected overnight storms. But alas, an early MCS on Friday afternoon not only died out just before arriving in the city, but the outflow and anvil cirrus hosed our instability for any storms later that night. After a quiet night, storms finally did fire in the St. Louis area late Saturday afternoon, with at least one mini-supercell right-turning and developing a hook up near Litchfield (observer John Farley was there and got some good shots). Everything was high based, appeared on the verge of dying and moving too easterly for an easy intercept, so I decided not to chase at all. Then, after all that time I had off, I finally got a storm photo op 10 minutes before having to go to work last night. At least I didn't end the 2-day stretch empty-handed.

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