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                   Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 11:36AM CST

January 20 STL area snowstorm

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Update 9:06PM CST Thursday, (Posted from New Baden, IL):
Added some new photos in a separate blog post.

Update 11:36AM CST Thursday, (Posted from New Baden, IL):
I made a short trip this morning with a yardstick and a camera around Madison, Clinton and St. Clair Counties on the Illinois side of the St. Louis metro. Measured totals: Pontoon Beach: 13" ; New Baden: 3.5" ; Trenton: 5" ; Highland: 9" ; Troy: 9". The NWS has a page showing more totals here. The band that set up last night was very narrow, but those in it received up to a foot of snow.

Stopped in an unplowed parking lot in Troy, 9":

Snow in Troy, IL
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Plow on Route 50 at Trenton:

Snow in Trenton, IL
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Car dealership at Troy:

Snow in Troy, IL
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Geese in up to their necks at Pontoon Beach:

Snow in Pontoon Beach, IL
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Pontoon Beach, 13":

Snow in Pontoon Beach, IL
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Update 2:48AM CST Thursday, (Posted from New Baden, IL):
Yet another snow event for the St. Louis region. My schedule is booked up with web development work this week (shameless plug for my business), and since heavy snow produces fairly low-risk icing accident events (no element of surprise, hazard is obvious), I'm not giving this storm as much attention as I normally would. I did drive a few miles north on Highway 160 after 1AM CST to look at a heavier snow band in southern Madison County. Some yellows were showing up on radar, and lightning had been observed in Oklahoma in the past few hours, so I figured there was an off chance of thundersnow. Nothing too interesting with the band, but the snow was very heavy as expected with large clumps of flakes falling. There was already about 4 inches of fresh snow already on the ground in the center of the band, where I took this photo of Hoyt Monken Road at Highway 160 (north of Trenton, IL). No cars had driven on the snow recently:

Snow in Madison County, IL
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A little farther south, Trenton was on the fringes of the snow band, but had about 2 inches so far as of around 2AM:

Snow in Trenton, IL
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New Baden has been outside of the heaviest banding so far, but even so there is a little over an inch and a half on the ground here at my apartment. I will try to get out in the morning for some daytime shots around St. Louis, depending on how my work day and sleep patterns go.

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