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                   Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 4:15PM CST

Tornado expedition logs and photos

30 Years of Storm Photography
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I'm doing a little reorganizing of content and pages here on the site this month, and the newest addition is a page dedicated to personal expedition logs and images of all tornado intercepts. Up until this point, I haven't had a centralized page for my tornado imagery - which has traditionally been tossed into the depths of my general all-inclusive expedition logs section. As time permits, in the next week or so I'll be adding log category pages for hurricanes, floods and winter storms.

LINK: Tornado expedition logs and images

Tornado in Attica, KansasTornado in Attica, KansasTornado at night near Harper, KansasF3 tornado hits house at Mulvane, Kansas
Tornado near Zurich, KansasTornado near Stockton, KansasTornado near Stockton, KansasLarge tornado near Spur, Texas
Crosstown, Missouri F4 tornadoTornado near Protection, KansasThe Greensburg, Kansas F5 TornadoDouble tornadoes near Greensburg, Kansas
Tornado near Macksville, KansasPerry, Oklahoma tornadoPaducah, Texas tornadoSedalia, Missouri Tornado

30 Years of Storm Photography
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