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                   Monday, October 24, 2011 - 2:10PM CDT

St. Louis cityscapes update

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With the Cardinals' unexpected run into the postseason, airspace restrictions along with a few cloudy days have axed my plans for a second helicopter flight this month. That now will have to wait until next spring when the deep green trees return. Our "summer green" leaves are on their way out - and thanks to a dry second half of summer, colors so far have not been as photogenic as they could be. Nonetheless, we have had a few very nice crisp, clear and cool mornings that have made downtown photo runs productive. I'm hoping to make it into some of the surrounding neighborhoods around downtown in the next week, as these have their own character and flavor that I hope to be able to capture with a few images. Once the trees have lost all of their leaves, photography opportunities will generally diminish (though not entirely) until we get our first good snowfall.

These are a few selected images from a couple of recent photo shoots around town, all included in the main St. Louis photo gallery. There are a few more variants of these in the City Skyline, Tower Grove Park and Old Courthouse sections.

City skyline in morning sun glow Fall riverfront skyline scene

Tower Grove Park pavilion Metrolink train in morning sun

Downtown buildings at sunrise Tower Grove Park fountain

Old Courthouse window reflections MLK Bridge closeup

Old Courthouse and buildings vertical Skyline vertical

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
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