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                   Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 11:15AM CST

The Top 10 weather and observing favorites from 2013

30 Years of Storm Photography
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2013 was an eventful yet challenging and tragic year for storm photography. I'm thankful to have had a one of my best years in terms of imagery captured. In this year-end post, I thought I'd recap some of my favorite photos and videos from the Plains and Midwest in 2013.

Top 10 Photo Favorites

The clickable images on this page have full screen views.

May 18 - Lightning and rainbow at Larned, Kansas:

May 18 - Rozel/Sanford, Kansas tornado #2:

July 10 - St. Louis upward tower lightning:

May 28 - Bennington, Kansas tornado:

December 24 - St. Louis sunset:

May 18 - Rozel, Kansas tornado (composite image):

May 30 - Tatums, Oklahoma supercell:

May 28 - Bennington, Kansas tornado:

July 22 - Lightning and full moon at Bartelso, Illinois:

June 1 - Lightning in downtown St. Louis:

Top 10 Video Favorites

May 28: Roaring Bennington, Kansas tornado
July 1: Tornadoes in eastern Illinois
May 18: Rozel/Sanford Kansas tornado #2
May 18: Rozel, Kansas tornado
August 12: Mascoutah, Illinois funnels
July 22: Clear-air lightning, Bartelso, Illinois
April 10: St. Louis severe storms and lightning
July 10: St. Louis lightning
February 3: St. Louis snow spinouts
April 16-18 St. Louis lightning and storms timelapse

30 Years of Storm Photography
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