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                   Monday, July 1, 2013 - 10:47AM CDT

July 1 updates: new videos, chase logs posted

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HD FOOTAGE: HD Tornado Stock Footage

As we move into July, work is progressing on making some long-needed updates to this site. This has been spurred along by the new content captured during the spring storm season. I have completed a major update to the stock video section. A host of new videos from the past year have been added, including the ones from this spring. I reconfigured the catalog so that you can watch each video in a Youtube player by clicking the "view screening clip" link with each listing. The full versions of this season's tornado videos are listed on the HD Tornado Stock Video page, including Rozel tornadoes I and II, Bennington, and El Reno.

#HD-OKN-053113A - The largest EF5 tornado in history up close - El Reno, OK

#HD-KSN-052813A - Massive EF4 tornado at close range

#HD-KSN-051813B - Beautiful photogenic Kansas tornado at sunset

#HD-KSN-051813A - Amazing photogenic Rozel, Kansas tornado

I'm also making some headway on the chase accounts. The big May 28 Bennington tornado account is done, with video, video stills, DSLR stills and GPS track included. There is also a short log for the May 27 chase added, with one image (previously only posted on social media and not on the web site).

The log for the May 18 Rozel tornado day is the only one yet to be finished, but I should be able to hammer that out sometime this week. All of the images and video for that have been done, it's just a matter of finishing the text copy and linking up the images.

Recent miscellaneous images

The following are a few images from the past month that haven't made their way into a blog post up to this point, so I'll just tack them onto this post just to get them out there.

June 23 storms: We had an unexpectedly strong storm event on June 23, when I unfortunately had committed to cover a shift of a co-worker at my previous full-time job (I'm still there part time). Nothing really severe, but a lot of flooding. Here is the view from south of Scott AFB:

June 22 storms: The previous day, another round of sub-severe storms rolled through the metro. This was the view from New Baden of some outflow-dominant storms passing to the north:

June 26 storms: On the 26th, I went out close to home for these storms around New Baden that produced some diffuse mammatus over town.

Back in mid-May, I made a quick trip in between Plains trips to travel to West Virginia for a client video shoot, followed by a trip to Pennsylvania to attempt to shoot steam locomotive 765 going around Horseshoe Curve near Altoona. The Horsheshoe curve trip was a huge bust, thanks to an ill-timed double-stack train that went around the curve on the outside track, blocking 765 from view as it passed. On the way back, I stopped at La Grange, Kentucky to catch this CSX freight train traveling down the town's main street. This configuration where a railroad's mainline tracks are laid in the middle of a street is called "street running", and there are only a handful of places in the US like this. As such, La Grange is a popular place for railfans. I pass by it every time I go to visit my parents in Pennsylvania, but have up until now not had time to stop.

Great storm stuff all around, and nice catch of the CSX street running. Doesn't it suck when another train blocks your shot of the one you came for? I don't know if you got my YouTube message, but I've been using the Canon HFG10 I bought from you in April primarily for train videos.
- Posted by Andy from Milwaukee, WIsconsin

Thanks Andy! Yeah, that was a long way to go to get skunked like that. I'll have to check out some of your videos.
- Posted by Dan R. from New Baden, IL

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