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                   Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 10:53AM CDT

Paw Paw, Illinois tornado - June 13

30 Years of Storm Photography
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I arrived at Sublette, IL just as storms were firing to the immediate west. I followed a storm east from there, which displayed outflow-dominant features for much of its life. As the storm crossed I-39, however, a channel of strong inflow became established as the storm started hooking in under a ragged wall cloud. Just east of the town of Paw Paw, a tornadic debris cloud spun up under the wall cloud, lofting tree branches into the air:

The tornado persisted for several minutes, but a funnel never condensed in. Following this brief tornadic phase, the storm quickly became outflow dominant across all flanks. Several large gustnadoes spun up.

The outflow from the storm surged south and east as new storms went up along this boundary. None could overcome the undercutting outflow to establish surface-based inflow, however, so I ended the expedition at Morris, IL.

Looking west from near Lisbon:

Looking east from Pontiac:

30 Years of Storm Photography
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